Christmas in the Clouds Cast

Christmas in the Clouds is a holiday-themed romantic comedy released in 2001. The movie revolves around a classic comedic device of mistaken identity and makes anyone in the family laugh out loud as they enjoy 96 minutes of great fun together.

The cast of Christmas in the Clouds is formed of a few talented and interesting actors, who mostly play Native American characters. The story begins by presenting the owner and manager of a struggling ski resort – Ray Clouds on Fire. This character is played by young Timothy Vahle, an actor that has also played in movies like Forbidden Sins and It’s in the Water.

The action of the movie is turned into a real comedy once Ray’s father, Joe Clouds on Fire enters the scene. He is a kooky character who rocks the metaphorical boat by inviting a woman from New York whom he has never met to the ski resort for a well-deserved vacation. Since neither Ray nor Joe have any idea how the reviewer or the woman look, this is a chance for the mix up in characters to occur, turning the entire movie into a very amusing series of complications.

Ray’s father is player by actor Sam Vlahos and the New York Woman that is also of Native American Descent is Tina Littlehawk, who is played by actress Marianna Tosca. The motion picture cast could not be complete without mentioning the vegetarian chef of the ski resort, who makes it his job to create incredibly amusing moments within the storyline. The chef is played by actor Graham Greene.

The Christmas in the clouds cast also includes M. Emmet Walsh as Stu O’Malley, Sheila Tousey as Mary, Rosaling Ayres as Mabel, Rita Coolidge as Ramona, Louis Red Elk as Grammy and Jonathan Joss in the role of Phil, among many others.