Christmas in the Clouds Videoclips

Christmas in the Clouds is a movie about a ski resort manager wanting to get a positive review of his establishment in the Worthington Travel Guide. The 2001 motion picture is a romantic comedy filled with amusing moments and interesting characters, all of which add to the value of the movie and transforming it into a real pleasant experience for the entire family.

Before seeing any movie, most people prefer to find out what it is about by reading the synopsis, reviews from other viewers or specialized reviews from critics, and some even go so far as to search for scenes from the film in the form of video clips that can mostly be found online.

Videoclips of Christmas in the Clouds can be found on major video streaming websites like YouTube or Metacafe, presenting some of the most amusing and unique moments in the film, all for those who have loved the movie or are interested in finding out more about it.

One of the best Christmas in the Clouds video clips is actually the official trailer for the movie, which presents the key scenes in the movie, while also narrating the storyline in order to increase viewer interest.

The movie is about a case of mistaken identity between Ray, the manager of the ski resort, who mistakes Tina, the pen pal of his father from New York, for the critic that is supposed to review his establishment.

The trailer shows how Tina decides to visit the resort under a fake name to meet Joe, who she has known for a while, but only from letters. While Ray was expecting the reviewer, he thinks Tina is it, and Tina also thinks that Ray is actually Joe. A series of very funny sequences follow in the trailer, as well as in the entire movie itself.